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A Legacy of Hope: George and Sandra Meslow gifts support scholarships at LSTC

“To have an effective church, we need an educated clergy”

George and Sandra Meslow had done careful financial planning before George retired from his ministry as parish pastor and later CEO of Martin Luther Homes in Nebraska. However, they recently became aware of one portion of their income that they had overlooked: the residual of their Board of Pensions retirement fund. “We hadn’t really thought about what would happen to that money after our deaths,” Sandra said. “Since the pension account accumulated because of our work in the church, it makes sense that it will be given to a ministry of the church.”

“To have an effective church, we need an educated clergy,” George said. They find LSTC’s membership in the consortium of seminaries in Chicago and its relationship with the University of Chicago important resources it offers students.

Sandra says, “We’re concerned that because of the high cost of education, students are taking on debt to answer their call to ministry,” she said. “It’s not fair that students are graduating with high debts and that they will be taking calls that will not pay them a high enough salary to really pay off the debt. Scholarships are really necessary if we are to continue having good leaders in the church.”

Because they are committed to providing leaders for the future of the church, George and Sandra have decided to make a gift to LSTC of the residual of their retirement account by using a beneficiary designation.  Their gift will provide scholarship support to students who are answering their call to ministry.


Page last modified Mar 24, 2016