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LSTC: Forming visionary leaders

When I look through the roster of ELCA leaders, I see LSTC alumni in every type of ministry: pastors, teachers and scholars, heads of agencies and campus ministries, synod bishops and staff, and members of the ELCA churchwide staff. What this tells me is that LSTC is effective in forming leaders, no matter where they are called to serve.

These pages will help you stay connected to LSTC – by sharing your stories, inviting you to campus for events, and encouraging you to share your financial resources and time to keep LSTC strong in its mission.

Please contact me if you have questions, need information, or have a particular interest is some aspect of LSTC.

Thank you for your ministry in the world and your continued support of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Mark Van Scharrel
Vice President for Advancement

Page last modified Mar 24, 2016