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Religion & Science Emphasis

This curricular emphasis enables Masters students to establish competency in various aspects of the dialogue between theology and science. It equips students to participate in public dialogue about the significance and impact of science, technology and religion on their own society as well as in a global perspective. It includes course requirements, regular participation in religion and science activities, a field component and a senior project.

Students will gain knowledge about scientific methodology and scientific theories, basic concepts and methods of dialogue and the ability to use them in scholarly and popular communication, and they will grow in personal integration of faith in knowledge and the knowledge of faith.

Elective courses may include:

  • The Epic of Creation: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Our Origins
  • Bioethics in a Multicultural World
  • Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science
  • Advanced Course in Theology
  • Papers and Projects on religion and science issues within other courses

Field components may include:

  • Active participation in a science and religion conference
  • Conduct a series of adult forums in religion and science
  • For students with a background in theology and philosophy, a practicum in a laboratory

Students may also want to take advantage of courses offered through the Association of Theological Schools (ACTS), events and opportunities offered through the Zygon Center and courses offered at the University of Chicago.

Contact Dr. Lea Schweitz for more information.

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