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Other Emphasis Options

LSTC offers many opportunities for shaping your theological degree based on your interests and goals. Are you interested in the intersection between faith and public policy, religion and gender, preaching and catechesis, the traditional and emerging church? Do you want to create your own emphasis? Just ask. LSTC faculty are accessible and creative.

Art and Religion

Each year in January, students travel to Washington state to the Gruenwald Guild to take an intensive course at the intersection of Art and Faith. For some, it's a way to keep their bachelor in fine arts alive; for others, it's a fun way to cultivate a spiritual passion; for still others, it's the beginning of several courses and experiences in this area that will together take shape into a degree emphasis.


One student came to LSTC knowing that he didn't want to be a pastor but was deeply interested in Spiritual Formation. He took courses at CTU and other partner seminaries. He met with a Spiritual Director. He participated in the Growth in Faith program and even led some of these offerings himself. Through meeting both academic and experiential requirements, he earned an M.A.T.S. degree with an emphasis in Spirituality.

Youth Ministry

Each summer, seminarians mentor youth who come from throughout the U.S. to participate in the Youth in Mission immersion experience, Serving Christ in the World. It's a life-changing experience for the mentors as well as the youth -- and for some, it confirms a passion for shaping their theological education to prepare for a life of ministry with youth.

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