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Interfaith Emphasis

For many years, LSTC has excelled in the arena of interfaith dialogue, offering in particular a range of advanced courses in Islam and Judaism, as well as survey courses in world religions and interfaith dialogue. The newly-endowed Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice and professorship in Christian-Muslim Studies have opened new doors for LSTC to enhance an already established reputation as a center for interfaith dialogue.

Students who pursue this emphasis will acquire knowledge and expertise in at least one religion tradition besides their own. It is designed to equip students to participate in respectful dialogue with people of other faiths and to engage constructively with others in religiously diverse communities. Students gain the ability to articulate their own faith commitments and theological reflect with members of other faith traditions.

Elective courses may include:

  • Religions in Dialogue: Buddhism, Islam and Christianity
  • Toward Understanding Islam
  • Arabic
  • Islam Today
  • Christians and Muslims
  • Jewish Christian Relations
  • World Religions and Christian Mission
  • 18th and 19th century Mission Theology
  • History of Religious Thought in Islam
  • The Bible and the Qur'an and more!

Students will also find group meetings and a variety of Interfaith activities on campus and through the Chicago area in which they may participate in consultation with the Director of the Interfaith Emphasis.

Students may also want to take advantage of courses offered through the Association of Theological Schools (ACTS), events and opportunities offered through the Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice, or courses offered at the University of Chicago.

Contact Dr. Mark Swanson for more information.

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