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Advanced Studies Degree Programs

Master of Theology Program

The Master of Theology Program is for:

  • Affiliate students who have earned their M.Div. and want to work towards an additional advanced masters degree in Lutheran Ministry Studies during their Lutheran year at LSTC.
  • Persons who desire to do advanced theological work in one of the following areas: Lutheran Ministry studies, biblical studies, historical studies, theological studies, church and society, and world mission.
  • Persons who are beginning their preparation for the Ph.D. degree.

Students admitted into the Th.M. program at LSTC may apply for admission into the Ph.D. program at the time of their comprehensive examinations.

Degree required for admission: An M.Div. degree or its equivalent.

Doctor of Philosophy Program

The Doctor of Philosophy Program is for:

  • Persons who desire to undertake the most advanced level of theological study and research.
  • Persons who wish to prepare for a career of teaching in theology or religious studies.
  • Persons who wish to prepare to serve as research and program executives for church boards or agencies, as college or university chaplains, as editors, publishers, and writers, or as pastoral leaders who envision a scholarly dimension to their ministry.

Degree required for admission: An M.Div. degree or its equivalent.

Doctor of Ministry Program

The Doctor of Ministry Program is for:

  • Persons who desire to engage in advanced theological reflection on a particular aspect of their practice of ministry.
  • Persons who are committed to working collegially with peers and instructors to advance their level of theological and practical ministry skills.
  • Persons who are seeking to revitalize their ministries.

Key requirements for admission to all D.Min. Programs includes:

  • M.Div degree or its equivalent
  • Three years or more of full-time professional ministry experience
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