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Advanced Studies

Advanced theological study in service of the church and the larger world has been a vital part of LSTC's mission since its inception. This specialized vocation continues to be a major factor in the institution's identity and global recognition to this day. The Th.M. and Ph.D. programs at LSTC are distinguished by their academic rigor and creativity within an ecclesial and ecumenical context.

About Advanced Studies at LSTC

In addition to Lutherans from North America and across the globe, the advanced graduate student body at LSTC includes representatives from diverse denominations and faith communities. The significant number of international students in the Th.M. and Ph.D. programs, many of whom arrive with years of seminary teaching in their own backgrounds, contributes much to the liveliness of theological dialogue and community life at LSTC.

LSTC offers contemporary programs of advanced study in the classical fields of Bible (Old and New Testaments), Church History, and Theology (with emphases in Ethics and Religion and Science). Our newest Th.M. and Ph.D. programs in World Christianity and Mission address cross-cultural and inter-religious aspects of faith in both historical and current settings.

The excellence of advanced education at LSTC begins with our faculty, which is composed of scholars who are recognized experts and promising lights in their fields. In addition to years of graduate teaching experience and an openness to innovative approaches, LSTC faculty members bring a commitment to training the next generation of teachers and scholarly leaders for the church and the larger society.

LSTC's collaborative relationship with the University of Chicago and the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS) provides students with opportunities to study with distinguished faculty at neighboring institutions. LSTC students also have access to ample library resources, including the well-known JKM Library at LSTC and the libraries of other members of ACTS and the University of Chicago, including the Joseph Regenstein Library.

A distinctive resource for LSTC students is the Language Resource and Writing Center (LRWC), which provides writing assessments and recommendations for all incoming students, a Summer Language Institute for new international students, a Learning Partner program pairing international and North American students, and courses in pedagogy, languages, writing, and academic skills.

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