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Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry

The Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry program is offered jointly by Catholic Theological Union, the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, and McCormick Theological Seminary. The D.Min. is an advanced professional degree for lay and ordained ministers.

This unique program for the experienced minister integrates advanced theological study with the development of pastoral skills, thereby enhancing the practice of ministry. To accomplish this, the D.Min. program balances acquisition of knowledge with development of skills through peer, supervised, and self-directed learning experiences, along with classroom instruction. Students may focus their studies in one of these areas of concentration: cross-cultural studies, liturgical studies, spirituality, or educating for witness.

Cross-Cultural Studies Concentration

This concentration is for persons who already have experience in cross-cultural ministry who are not members of the culture in which they serve or are ministering in a minority culture. In the latter case the minister may or may not be a member of that same minority culture. Degree work helps students develop tools for analyzing cultures, communicating across cultural boundaries, and using differing styles of leadership appropriate to living on cultural boundaries.

Liturgy Concentration

This concentration is for persons who already have experience in liturgical ministries. It is designed to enable students to make the entire worship event more effective. By combining historical and systematic studies with emerging pastoral methods students will learn to construct worship in light of liturgical traditions and to assess the effectiveness of worship in particular communities.

Spirituality Concentration

The concentration in spirituality is designed to enhance the reflective and pastoral skills of those whose wish to foster spiritual development through leadership within Christian communities. The concentration emphasizes the leader's growth in theological, historical, and cross-cultural awareness as well as in pastoral expertise.

Educating for Witness Concentration

This concentration is designed for those who assume leadership in educating believers both in the knowledge and in the practice of their faith. It combines religious education, communications, proclamation, what Roman Catholics call "evangelization" and catechesis with the study of key religious values and practices (e.g., peace-building, the promotion of justice, etc.). The concentration invites students to consider together such key values and practices side by side with the strategic means for forming people in these values and practices.


For application forms and other information on this degree, contact the Doctor of Ministry Program Director:

Carmen Nanko-Fernández
Phone: 773.371.5533
Fax: 773.324.3414

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