Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago


J Term 2015

J Term 2015 Course Listing (Revised 7-22-14) (.xls, 28K)

J Term 2015 Course Grid (Revised 7-22-14) (.doc, 40K)

Spring/Maymester 2015

Spring/Maymester 2015 Course Listing (Revised 10-28-14) (.xls, 39K)

Spring Semester 2015 Course Grid (Revised 10-28-14) (.doc, 48K)

J Term 2015 Course Profiles

CC 406 Buddhist Christian Dialogue (.doc, 36K)

ML/SF 403 Wilderness Travel Semina to Holden Village: Liturgy and the Cycles of Creation (.doc, 40K)

RHS-CC 405 J Term 2015 World of Bible Travel Seminar Poster (.pdf, 806K)

CC/RHS 407 Ecology and the Bible (.doc, 41K)

J Term 2015 ELCA Course Offerings

Global Travel Seminar to El Salvador J Term 2015 (.doc, 36K)

ELCA J Term 2015 Course Listings (Revised 9-8-14) (.doc, 36K)

ELCA Cross Registration Courses J Term 2015 (Revised 9-8-14) (.doc, 57K)

Spring/Maymester 2015 Course Profiles

CC 409 Muslims in America (.doc, 41K)

CC 414 Toward Understanding Islam (on-line) (.doc, 40K)

CC-ML/ML-CC 410 From the Sanctuary to the Street (.doc, 35K)

CC-ML/ML-CC 502 Biomedical Ethics in a Multicultural World (.doc, 37K)

CC-RHTH/RHTH-CC 504 Epic of Creation (.doc, 41K)

ML 402 Ministry in Context (.doc, 39K)

ML 405 The Sacramental Landscape: An Introduction to Worship (.doc, 43K)

ML 406 Caring for the Dying and Bereaved (.doc, 48K)

ML-CC/CC-ML 412 Leadership and Mission in Rural Congregations (.doc, 41K)

ML-CC/CC-ML 503 Religious Responses to Environmental Injustice (.doc, 41K)

RHS 301 Jesus within Judaism (.doc, 522K)

RHS 405 Greek for Ministry (.doc, 36K)

RHS 406 Israel's Prophets (.doc, 37K)

RHTH 401 Church History II (.doc, 36K)

RHTH 405 Jesus - the Kingdom and the Church (.doc, 41K)

RHTH 406 Grace Incarnate - The Lutheran Confessional Heritage (.doc, 38K)

RHTH 407 Narratives of Resistance (.doc, 38K)

RHTH 503 Constructive Theology (.doc, 31K)

RHTH 604 Sources and Resources - Love Rememberance Hope (.doc, 42K)

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