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Marks of the Seminary

Our "marks," or commitments, guide and shape the unique ways LSTC fulfills its mission of forming visionary leaders to bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Urban: LSTC is an urban seminary that believes the best way to prepare leaders to witness to the gospel in any setting is to provide them with a diversity of experiences found in a large city. This context is also crucial for those intending to specialize in urban ministry.

Ecumenical: LSTC is a member of one of the largest theological consortia in the world, the Association of Chicago Theological Schools. This resource and the contributions of it its own ecumenical staff, faculty, and student community members give students access to a broad array of opportunities for education that is thoroughly Lutheran yet respectful of other Christian traditions.

University-related: LSTC is located by intention near the University of Chicago. Through interaction with the university faculty and students and other educational resources, including the university’s libraries, LSTC relates theological education and ministerial preparation to the wider search for wisdom in society.

Global: LSTC equips leaders for the church in the United States and the world, engaging the gifts that international faculty, students, and their families bring to the community, and structuring a curriculum that integrates care of creation and worldwide peace and justice into its degree programs and daily life.

Multicultural: LSTC’s theological commitment to diversity is a high priority and makes the seminary a rich environment in which to equip leaders of all cultures.

Interfaith: LSTC’s specializations in Christian-Muslim and Jewish-Christian relations and its wide-ranging studies in world religions and interfaith dialogue prepare students to exercise pastoral and public leadership in an increasingly multi-faith world.

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