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Benjamin M. Stewart

Gordon A. Braatz Associate Professor of Worship, Director of Advanced Studies

Benjamin M. Stewart

Phone: 773-256-0769

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B.A., Capital University
M.Div., Trinity Lutheran Seminary
S.T.M., Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Ph.D., Emory University

Areas of Expertise

Topics that Dr. Stewart is available to address at adult forums and other congregational events

Renewal of congregational worship life
Worship and ecology
Natural burial as a Christian practice
Baptism: history, theology, renewal


Benjamin M. Stewart, PhD, is the Gordon A. Braatz Associate Professor of Worship and Director of Advanced Studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where he has taught since 2009.

A frequent conference speaker and a Lutheran pastor, Ben previously served as pastor to a small, Appalachian community in Ohio, and as village pastor to Holden Village retreat center in the Glacier Peak Wilderness of Washington.

In addition to articles in a number of journals including WorshipLiturgy, and The Christian Century, Ben is author of A Watered Garden: Christian Worship and Earth’s Ecology (2011). He is a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy and serves as convener of its Ecology and Liturgy Seminar. He is currently writing an ecotheology of natural burial practices.

Ben and his wife Beth live in Western Springs, near Bemis Woods and the Salt Creek, and are parents of two sons, Justin, in high school, and Forrest, in college.

Find Benjamin on Twitter: @bstewLSTC

Published Works


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The Role of Baptismal Water at the Vigil of Easter in the Liturgical Generation of Eco-theology. Ph.D. dissertation, Emory University, 2010. Published at Emory University's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation repository:


Interview of Don Saliers and Emily SaliersPractical Matters: A Transdisciplinary Multimedia Journal of Religious Practices and Practical Theology, Issue 1. Spring 2009.


The 2011 Byberg Preaching lectures that Benjamin Stewart and Barbara Rossing and gave in Oregon are now available online for downloading or listening (click on the year at the right; media archive); Barbara gave three lectures and one sermon; Ben Stewart gave one lecture and one sermon.

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